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Entrepreneurial volunteering



  1. Who is the Entrepreneurial Volunteering call for proposals aimed at?

To all employees, early retirees, and retirees of the Repsol Group, Repsol Foundation, Repsol Impacto Social, and participating companies of the Group, residents in those countries where Repsol is present, with a work contract in force until at least December 2022. 

This call for proposals is not aimed at external personnel, interns, or trainees


  1. Can employees' family members present proposals?

No. The project proposals can only be submitted by employees, early retirees or retirees from the Repsol Group, Repsol Foundation, Repsol Impacto Social, and participating companies of the Group, in the terms indicated in Question 1.


  1. Where do I have to submit my volunteer project proposal?

To submit your project, you must fully complete the form provided at www.voluntariado.fundacionrepsol.com/en/entreprenurial-volunteering-enrollment, with your personal data, the project details, and information about the collaborating social organisation. 


  1. Can I submit more than one proposal?

Yes. Provided that they respond to different social needs, regardless of whether they are in collaboration with the same or a different social organisation, and that you can guarantee you are able to lead them and participate directly as coordinators of the activities in the event all your projects are selected.


  1. Can we submit group proposals?

Yes. It is possible for a group of volunteers to present the same proposal. In that case, they must appoint a spokesperson, who will be the main link with Repsol Foundation. 


  1. What kind of projects can be submitted?

The project proposals submitted must be carried out in collaboration with a social organisation legally registered as a non-profit association or foundation and duly registered with the corresponding official bodies. 

Therefore, project proposals managed by individuals or unofficial organisations will not be accepted.

For more information, see the Terms and conditions for participation.


  1. Where should the projects be carried out?

This is a global initiative, so project proposals can be presented for all countries where Repsol is present. In any case, this must be the country of residence of the volunteer who presents the proposal. 


  1. When is the deadline for submitting project proposals?

The submission period starts on 5 April 2021 and ends on 1 June 2021, at 23:59. (GMT+1). 

Proposals received after the deadline will not be considered.


  1. Do I have to send any additional documentation to support the project?

In order to be able to make a correct assessment of the project proposal, it is important to fill in correctly and fully the form provided for this purpose at www.voluntariado.fundacionrepsol.com/en/entreprenurial-volunteering-enrollment.

Along with this form, you can attach any additional information that you consider appropriate to help explain the project in more detail.

In the event that your project proposal is selected, we will inform you about the documentation you need to upload to the website platform. 

For more information, see the Terms and conditions for participation.


  1. The form provided to present the proposal doesn't allow me to attach a specific file. What should I do?

The document you are trying to attach may be larger than the permitted size (15MB). Try attaching a smaller document or compress it and try again. 

If you are still having trouble, please contact us via the Repsol Volunteering email:  voluntariado@fundacionrepsol.com 


  1. Must the proposed project be carried out within a specific time frame?

Yes. The selected projects must be fully carried out between 13 September 2021 and 13 September 2022.


  1. When and how do I find out if my project proposal has been selected?

The decision from the Evaluation Committee will be made public at www.voluntariado.fundacionrepsol.com on 5 July 2021, before 23:59 (GMT+2), as well as through the channels that Repsol Foundation sees fit. The participating volunteers will first be notified through the email address provided in the proposal application form. 


  1. How am I affected if my project is chosen?

Volunteers promoting the selected projects will act as leaders of the selected project and the link between Repsol Foundation and the collaborating social organisation for the development of the project. To this end, they will be responsible for providing the required documentation to Repsol Foundation, so that the social organisation benefiting from the project receives the financial aid proposed in the selected project, as well as other materials such as videos, photos, testimonials, etc., with the aim of disseminating this initiative. 

Furthermore, they must implement the selected volunteering project and coordinate any actions related to it. Likewise, they will act as coordinating volunteers during any related volunteering activities.  


  1. What financial support will I receive from Repsol Foundation if my project is selected? When and how will such financial aid be provided?

Each of the selected projects will receive financial aid of up to €5000 euros maximum from Repsol Foundation. Repsol Foundation reserves the right to increase this amount where it deems it necessary to develop large projects given their special characteristics, scope, impact and alignment with Repsol Foundation’s work on the energy transition.

This amount will be paid into the bank account of the social organisation with which the volunteer collaborates, once the volunteer has submitted the required documentation to Repsol Foundation, in accordance with the instructions established by Repsol Foundation. 

For more information, see the Terms and conditions for participation.


  1. If my project is selected, who will I be able to contact to resolve any possible questions or incidents that may arise when carrying out the project?

Repsol Foundation will be available to the volunteers throughout the duration of this initiative via the Repsol Volunteering email:  voluntariado@fundacionrepsol.com.


  1. Who is responsible for selecting the projects?

An evaluation committee comprised of experts identified by Repsol Foundation will be responsible for evaluating the proposals and selecting the projects that will be carried out. 

For more information, see the Terms and conditions for participation.


  1. What criteria does the committee use to select the projects?

The criteria on which the evaluation committee will base its assessment of the proposals received will be the following: 

    • Quantitative and qualitative dimension of the expected social impact (direct beneficiaries).
    • The project's capacity to incorporate other volunteers during the project's implementation phase.
    • Experience and capacity of the collaborating social organisation in the implementation of the project and participation of volunteers.
    • Contribution to an inclusive energy transition. 
    • Presentation of an innovative solution with high potential to solve a social need. 
    • Guarantee of the project's sustainability or its long-term benefits.  
    • Possibility of scaling or replicating all or part of the project. 


For more information, see the Terms and conditions for participation.